Guide To Gambling Books

Are you a beginner to casinos? Do you want to learn the casino game basics?

This page features a review of top gambling books with a focus on beginners. We provide you with a brief review of some of the precious guide to casino books for casino beginners.

The Baccarat Battle:

This is a valuable book for beginners of Baccarat. This book is authored by Frank Scoblete. Scoblete’s book features a lot of enthusiasm. In this book there is precious information for famous Baccarat strategies. The major strategies discussed include:

  • Card Counting Systems
  • Advantage Play Techniques
  • Money Management Strategies
  • Tips to reduce Casino Commission on Bank Bets

The book offers a complete scrutiny of the game.

Unofficial guide to Casino Gambling:

This is book written by Basil Nestor. The objective of this book is to provide some quality insight into Casino Gambling. It is useful to players of all level. This book discusses on elegant gambling styles. There is information about operating and managing Casinos. This is a sure fire book for Gambling lovers.

Casino Gambling for Dummies:

In this book Kevin Black wood, a Casino Gambling Expert, provides successful inputs for gambling novices. It is a precious guide for Casino beginners. It covers a wide range of details starting from tips and rules to complex strategies. It is simpler and easy to comprehend.


This book is penned by Jerry L. Patterson. This book has excellent details apart from basics of Blackjack. The writer provides a thorough analysis of functioning of Blackjack in Casinos. There is great deal of accuracy in the analysis. The author provides an insight into Blackjack techniques of past and latest updating.

Casino Royale:

Casino Royale is a fast paced book by Ian Fleming. It is a novel on Baccarat techniques. The novel features James Bond as a Baccarat lover. This is a fun way of learning Baccarat details.

Spin Roulette Gold:

This book is a golden nugget for Roulette beginners. It is an extraordinary effort by Frank Scoblete. It carries lot of information for the reader, be it a Beginner or Expert. It clearly states that beating the Casino is not a magic. This book shows clearly the limitations of Traditional Roulette tricks. The author has put his gaming expertise into use in this work.

Baccarat for the clueless:

As the name suggests the target audience are the beginners of Baccarat. This book is an outstanding effort by John May. It clearly explains the fundamentals of Baccarat. A novice could utilize the steps explained in the book in real play and enjoy the benefits.

The above books are carefully chosen from a wide variety of books for casino beginners. Each one of the books is interesting and useful. Each book is unique in its content. They are written with a clear focus for beginners.

A beginner for casino games could get a lot of valuable tips and good gambling advice from the books which he can apply in a real time game. Thus they are full with practical tips which would help you fare quite well as a beginner in the online and offline gambling arena.

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